Creative Garden Tools, the home of the Wonder Barrow (WB)

Got leaves?
Got trimmings?
Got clippings, straw, hay, yard or garden waste, wood chips, mulch, or snow?
Save time and move it with the Wonder Barrow!

This site describes the Wonder Barrow (WB) (Your own wheelbarrow enhanced by the Wheelbarrow Expander). The WB is a huge garden cart to move lightweight materials such as leaves and  vegetation  trimmings.
Here you will learn how you can expand the capacity of your wheelbarrow by a factor of 8 through features as follows:

  • Versatile (replaces a very large garden cart).
  • Versatile (Easily customized for most any wheelbarrow).
  • Versatile (Use it for leaves, lawn clippings, tree trimmings, brush, straw, hay, mulch, wood chips, firewood, etc.).
  • Easy to install with one person.
  • Easy to load and unload (Click on “VIEW VIDEOS” in the upper right to see these WB operations).
  • Tough enough to outlast any wheelbarrow.
  • It takes very little storage space.
  • Unlike a 2-wheel garden cart, the Wonder Barrow with a single wheel can be used to haul large loads on hillsides.
  • A 9×9 poly drawstring tarp cover is included along with its ejector rope to easily dump the entire contents.
  • Resourceful: An ordinary used king size bed sheet (or deep queen size) with spent elastic is also an excellent cover for many lightweight materials.
  • The Expander is satisfaction guaranteed. (Ask for a full refund within 1 year if not completely satisfied)
  • If you do not see the Expander frame lasting for many years, please let me know.
  • The ropes and cover  will wear out depending on the intensity of use but these are very inexpensive to replace.

The two pictures below show a wheelbarrow with the Expander accessory. The first pictures shows one with a fitted canvas cover. The second pictures show a cover from a fitted queen size bed sheet.
The WB can hold about 40 cubic feet of leaves in this configuration where it can be loaded from the top.
It can also be loaded part way from the side by tipping it and raking leaves into it.A2_100_3287

In another configuration, it can be loaded from the back for materials that are more dense, such as mulch or wood chips. With this back-loading configuration, your WB can also be partially loaded from the side for material such for leaves, but that would not be the preferred configuration for a very low density load such as leaves.


See the menu in the upper right corner above for additional information on the WB.  The VIEW VIDEOS link shows the WB in loading and dumping operations. After viewing the videos, and the capabilities of the WB seem useful, the VIEW SLIDE SHOW link is a good place to start, as it is a place to become assured that the Wonder Barrow will work for you.  The ALTERNATIVES  link shows other ways to manage leaves and other voluminous materials. The WHEELBARROW TRAY TYPES link provides a picture so you know how to measure and confirm compatibility with your needs. The ORDER FORM provides the questions for the answers I need to meet your specific needs for a WB.

You can go directly to ETSY and order the Wheelbarrow Expander.

You can also go directly to Amazon, see customer reviews, and/or order the Wheelbarrow Expander.

If you are in the West Chicago/Naperville, IL area you can pick up a Wheelbarrow Expander kit and save on shipping. Visit the Order Form link in the upper right corner of this window.

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About Creative Garden Tools

This website is about a startup company registered in Naperville, IL for the inventor and (currently) the distributor of the Wonder Wheelbarrow (Expander), a collapsable device to make an ordinary wheelbarrow really big. This is a tool for increasing the capacity of an ordinary wheelbarrow up to a factor of 8.

Other tools for sale include an inexpensive rain gutter cleaner so you never have to get on a ladder again.

The inventor (Virgil Banowetz) is a software engineer who likes to get his hands dirty when he is not working on living family history.

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Contact the inventor of the Wheelbarrow Expander

If you have a comment or question or might be interested in buying the Expander (retail or wholesale), fill out and send this form. I will protect the privacy of your email address.